Sunny News KnowledgeHigh glow wire, high flame retardant nylon composites reinforced CTI

High glow wire, high flame retardant nylon composites reinforced CTI

Publish:2015-6-24 19:38:23

Nylon as the largest and most important engineering plastics, have very strong vitality,after modified to realize high-performance, follow by the cars, electronics, communications, electronics, machinery and other industries the requirements, the product's performance is getting more and more intense;The rapid development of related industries, promoting the progress of high performance processing for nylon engineering plastics.With flame retardant nylon used in electronics, electrical, appliances, security environmental protection flame retardant nylon increasingly brought to the attention of the market.In this environment, more than 850 degrees high glow wire CTI reinforced flame retardant nylon composite arises at the historic moment.It expand the use of unmanned electric range, at the same time has high strength, high toughness, can rapid prototyping, as well as good cost performance, can meet the micro switch, connectors, plugs, sockets, fuse skeleton, terminal blocks, transformers and other electronic appliances and household electrical appliances product requirements.

Generally, electronic industry, the material requirements are flame retardant, general requirements glow wire can't afford all the burning temperature of 750 ℃.Early nylon material by adding bromine antimony compound with flame retardants were modified, and can't afford to glow wire the entire combustion can reach 750 ℃.With the development of the society, electrical and electronic products are becoming more and more high-end;And because of too much fire cases triggered by electrical and electronic components, the Australian standards committee in the new release of the AS/NZS 60335.2.30:2009 standards, all electrical products must pass through 850 ℃ glow wire testing standard and can't afford to burn.The standard came into force on October 29, 2010.Australian regulatory requirements, all do not meet the requirements of the new product, not allowed to enter the Australian market, will be suspended all does not meet the requirements of the certificate.For security reasons, this standard is gradually recognized by countries around the world.

Sunny "high glow wire, high flame retardant nylon composites reinforced CTI" products have been identified as high-tech products in guangdong province, and won the national invention patent.


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