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Modified PBT Material

Publish:2015-5-27 19:09:47

Relying on the powerful technical strength,committed to responding to and meeting customers and the market demands prompt action.Development of innovative and high-performance materials,providing customers with the top-quality products and most successful solutions.
Sunny has powerful technical strength and rich experience in the R&D and manufacturing of the modified PBT material,which holds over 23 patents.Sunny’s PBT material includes products of reinforced PBT,toughened PBT,bromine flame-retardant PBT,and non-halogen flame-retardant PBT,covering over 600 product grades.To cope with various application demands of different industries and provide customers with multiple choices of material solutions,Sunny has developed several alloying and functional PBT materials,such as high glass fiber PBT to replace steel,and high mineral-filled PBT to replace pottery.
Excellent mechanical properties,thermal properties,weather resistance and processability are the distinguished features of Sunny’s modified PBT material,which has a wide range of applications,such as cooling fans,lighting,capacitor,relays,connectors,home applications,coil formers,voltage and electrical equipments,electrical machine motors,electrical power units,office appliances,and sanitary ware.
Sunny provides customer with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for the modified PBT material.Thanks to the state-of-the-art compounding technology and years of rich experience,we have developed a non-halogen flame-retardant reinforced PBT material with outstanding comprehensive performance,heat stability and electric insulation properties.

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